Project Name: Replace AHU # 7
Project Category:   HVAC Systems
Facility: Swain Hall
Year: 2005
Budget: $285,000.00
Designer Name: Perkins & Will
Manager Name: Dianne Bachman
Contact Name: Brad Davis
Status: Combined with Arts Common Project
Associated Capital Improvement Project: 1998 REPAIRS AND RENOVATIONS
Long Description:
AHU-7 (Attic) Replace AHU-7. It serves the studio area and east upper floor office areas of old Swain Hall. It was installed in the mid 1960's and suffers from condensate leakage, vibration and corrosion. It is troublesome and requires frequent maintenance. Removal of AHU-7 will be difficult and it is anticipated that the least costly method is to disassemble the unit and remove it through the ventilation dormer on the north roof. Scaffolding must be erected in the attic to allow for worker access and parts removal. Plaster ceiling suspension wires will need to be moved to provide an access path from the existing AHU location to the dormer. Minor roof joice modifications are needed to allow access through the dormer into the attic. The new air handler, a modular unit, can be lifted to the attic space in the same manner as the old unit's removal. Some remediation of asbestos pipe insulation is likely. These funds will allow AHU-7 to be replaced. Funds are included for connection to the existing steam and chilled water piping, new valving and new controls. No funds are available to replace the air distribution system. The existing electrical service may be used. This project will be combined with the capital improvement project, which is scheduled to improve the following building systems in Swain Hall: Window replacements Roof repair Envelope restoration Foundation water-proofing ADA improvements